Varied Carpet Beetle

A Varied Carpet Beetle (pictured top, left) has a black center with yellow, brown, and white spots in various spots. It is round and approximately 1/16″ long. They get their name from the rainbow of colors on their back. They eat carpets, wool fabrics, dead insects, hides, and bones. They can damage fabrics, upholstery, and carpets.

To help prevent an infestation of the varied carpet beetle, store fabrics in plastic containers and dry clean clothing before storing for a long period of time.

Powderpost Beetle

Powderpost Beetles (pictured top, middle) are reddish brown in color and are approximately 1/8 to 1/4″ long. They lay eggs in the cracks of wood and the larvae tunnel to the surface leaving a powderlike substance. They enjoy flying and are attracted to light. They often attack hardwood floors, timbers and crates, antiques, and other items made of wood. Some researchers believe powderpost beetles to be second only to termites in the United States in their destructiveness to wood and wood products.

To help prevent powderpost beetles from destroying wood in your home, check wood products often for evidence.

Merchant Grain Beetle

Merchant Grain Beetles (pictured top, right) are brown in color and approximately 1/10″ long. They have six saw-like teeth on either side of their bodies. They enjoy eating cake mixes, cereals, macaroni, cookies, and chocolate. They are often found in cabinets, pantries, and manufacturing plants for these items. Its body makes it easy to gain entrance to packaging to eat and lay eggs. They can infest food products and contaminate food.

To help prevent merhant grain beetles, discard packaging that is infested and clean spilled food sources.